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For guidance along your path to tech

As an educator, you see tech potential walking the halls of your school every day. And as a resident of northern Virginia, you know there are many opportunities for technology-based education. Here are some resources to help you encourage your students.

Activities for 7th Grade upwards

  • Display tech-based posters in your classrooms.
  • If your classroom is often used for teaching technology, create a display area about careers and training in technology.
  • Start a physical or electronic file of stories of people working in technology. They could be from local newspapers or magazines. Get other teachers in your department and students to look out for stories to add to the file.
  • Investigate the influence and importance of technology in particular businesses, industries, or institutions.
  • Identify the changes that have occurred in an industry or job as the result of new technology.

Activities for 11th Grade upwards

  • Encourage students to get involved with technology-based programs and clubs running in your school.
  • Invite a person who works in a technology-related field to speak at school assemblies, and/or to present the awards for achievements in technology. Ask them to talk about how their school learning helped them progress into their chosen field.
  • Contact previous students who are in tertiary technology training and invite them to speak to students about training and study options.
  • Work cooperatively with community groups and business enterprises when planning technology projects and ways to enter competitions.
  • When producing technological solutions, explore important considerations in the world of work, such as meeting quality standards, managing time, and making sure all health and safety standards are met.
  • Research the technological knowledge, skills, and qualifications needed by those involved in different industries.
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